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Depth and Jungian Psychotherapy

The Jung Center in Houston Texas

In August 2014, I completed a second Ph.D., this one in the Psychology of Jungian Studies, from Saybrook University in San Francisco, and the Jung Center in Houston. Noted Jungian analyst and author, James Hollis, Ph.D., served as my dissertation chair.

In my practice and publications, I am increasingly focusing on working from a depth-oriented, longer term psychological perspective with people in their middle and later years who are experiencing sexual, relationship, and self-identity concerns. This means I help clients when they wish to examine ways to manage their immediate symptoms in their present life. But it also means that I help clients when they want to explore the meaning of these symptoms, their origins, and what they might suggest for directions to take in life in the longer-term. Depth psychology in general, and Jungian psychology in particular, emphasizes the larger purpose of one’s life, one’s feelings and subjective experiences, and the importance of listening to that quiet, inner voice that usually knows exactly what a person needs to do.

Depth and Jungian Psychotherapy
Services & Specialties

Examining the significance of symptoms

Exploring patterns in personal history

Analyzing dreams

Applying insight from symptoms, history, and dreams

Finding meaning and purpose

Regaining personal authority

Redefining self-identity

Cultivating greater interest in one’s life

Second half of life concerns



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