Therapy Format

short-term & in-depth therapy

There are a number of options available for scheduling therapy from having sessions once a week or more often to meeting every other week or once a month. Throughout the entire therapeutic process, I work with couples and individuals to determine what schedule works best for them to accomplish their goals. Regardless of the specific therapy format, and after an initial evaluative consultation, I consider each couple and individual in terms of both the immediate presenting concern and also the larger, more complete context of their lives.

More Often or Less Often

Short-Term, Intensive:
Weekly Sessions, or More Often

Initially, I will usually approach therapy from an intensive approach: What is the most effective way to address the issues in the most efficient way possible? There is no need to focus on your history or other factors in your life if they do not relate to what brings you into therapy. Sometimes a few sessions are all that is necessary.

When shorter-term, more intensive therapy is appropriate, it is often helpful to have more than one session a week for a limited period of time. This makes it easier to address the issues in a concentrated way, and results are seen more quickly.

In Depth: Weekly Sessions, More Often or Less Often

Of course, you and/or your partner may want to explore longer-standing concerns, or you may find that your presenting difficulties are related to other issues you would like to address. In these instances, more extensive, depth-oriented psychotherapy is best and this can go for whatever length of time is necessary.

In the event that in-depth therapy is more appropriate, you may want to come in less often over a longer period of time. Traditional, weekly sessions often characterize this more extensive approach to couples and individual therapy.

However, this does not preclude sessions taking place more often. Some clients prefer to come in more often in order to delve especially deeply into concerns with which they have been contending for their entire relationship or for a lifetime.

Other clients need time in between sessions to process the emotionally significant material explored during therapy. I have many individuals and couples whom I see every other week or once a month.


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