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For the past nearly 40 years…

I have been giving lectures, seminars, workshops and other events to a large variety of groups and organizations on a number of subjects having to do with sex, intimacy, relationships, and discovering personal meaning within relationships. I have been on television and radio, including on the Today Show.

Psychology Training & Events I Conduct:

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Dr. Avery-Clark presenting her workshop slideshow to a classroom of people.
Constance Avery-Clark Ph.D. presenting a psychology workshop
Linda Weiner LCSW and Constance Avery-Clark Ph.D. presenting a slideshow presentation at SSTAR
Dr. Avery-Clark presenting a psychology workshop to a room of students

Some of the psychology topics on which I present:

  • Sexual Dysfunctions and Dissatisfaction
  • Sexual Compulsivity
  • Sexual Enhancement
  • Cultivating Intimacy
  • Communicating in Relationships
  • How to Negotiate
  • Understanding the Differences Between Men and Women
  • Distinguishing Between Intention and Interpretation in Relationships
  • Cultivating a More Meaningful Relationship with That VIP: Yourself
  • Femininity, Masculinity, and Photography
  • Women’s Issues
  • Men’s Concerns

Some of the psychology presentations I have offered:

  • Sexual Dysfunctions and Dissatisfaction
  • Sex, Love, and Rock Your Soul: What Matters Most in Relationship
  • Dynamics and Treatment of Intimate Relationships
  • Sexual and Relationship Problems
  • Intimacy, Sexuality, and Dual-Earner Couples
  • Sexuality, Intimacy, and the Life-Cycle
  • Sex Therapy Interwoven with Depth Psychology
  • Sensate Focus: The Art and Science of Mindful Touch
  • Sensate Focus as Touching vs. Pleasuring: Implications for Therapy
  • Sex Therapy and Jungian Psychology
  • Trauma and Sexual Recovery
  • What Matters Most in Psychology: Both This… and That… and a Little Sex
  • Sex, Jung, and Photographs
  • Intimacy and Sexual Recovery Following Substance Abuse Treatment
  • The Superwoman Syndrome
  • Relationship Issues and Inhibited Sexual Desire
  • Cognitive Components of Intimacy
  • Female Sexuality: Psychophysiology, Myths, and Communication Patterns
  • What Makes a Photo Pop? The Feminine and Masculine Psychology of Photography

Please refer to the Curriculum Vita page for a more detailed list of other presentation topics

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